What our community says about us?

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Helen Bason

"CAWA works tirelessly to meet the needs of the membership, responding quickly to requests made by the group, supporting families, and promoting a community of well-being. I am proud to be associated with them."


Lamees Oraby

“Through being part of CAWA, I was able to cope with change as a newcomer. CAWA held my hand and helped me navigate my new life in Canada.”


Sarah Saab

"Thanks to CAWA’s educational sessions on financial literacy, English language, business, parenthood and personal development, I feel that CAWA gives me the needed space to focus on my own development."  


Ghofran Mohamad

"I was inspired to grow by the Arab women I met at CAWA"


Ghada Mansour

"Unlike any other newcomers’ services, at CAWA I felt the human and personal connection with other Arab women. I was able to relate to them. This is mainly because CAWA’s support is either in Arabic or through a translator. " 


Domo’ Alawabde

"CAWA is a supportive but also a private and safe network for us  as Arab women, to share experiences, seek guidance and help each other"