Values & Principles  

Accept & Respect

We embrace diversity, tolerance, and acceptance. We treat our people equally and provide equitable opportunities to Arab women and girls, regardless of their backgrounds, religious or political beliefs. 



We are firmly committed to enhancing the well-being of Arab women in the Waterloo Region. We aspire to foster the full integration and participation of Arab women into Canadian society.



We are committed to providing educational and informational workshops, much-needed awareness sessions, and practical training in various fields. We aim to empower women and girls to be independent and productive members of our community.


Our programs are entirely autonomous of any political, economic, and religious, or other objectives. Our programs’ aim is to empower women and girls to work effectively, hand-in-hand with their community members to make a positive impact in their lives and influence others.

Ethics & Compliance

At Canadian Arab Women Association:

  1. We develop a culture of free speech to promote open dialogue and discussion on ethics and compliance issues.

  2. Our programs and services comply with all Canadian laws and regulations.

  3. We aim to ensure transparency through professional communication and interaction between our team and beneficiaries.

  4. We intend to ensure fair and equal treatment for all team members and beneficiaries.