We work to connect, support, and empower Arab women in Waterloo Region and Guelph. 


We embrace diversity, tolerance, and acceptance. We treat our people equally and provide equitable opportunities to Arab women and girls, regardless of their backgrounds, religious or political beliefs. 


We are firmly committed to enhancing the well-being of Arab women. We aspire to foster the full integration and participation of Arab women in Canadian society.


Organizing educational and informational workshops.

Hosting awareness sessions relevant to the needs of Arab women in our communities.

Providing practical training in various fields.  

Connecting Arab women to community-based resources.

Maintaining inclusive safe spaces for Arab women to feel comfortable raising concerns and asking for help.


We work to support women who self-identify as Arabs, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, and educational levels. We believe in barrier-free and accessible resources for all,

and we mean it.


All newcomers face challenges as they come to Canada. These obstacles include but are not limited to things like language barriers, economic stresses, and simply trying to adapt to a new society and culture while preserving your own. 


However, female newcomers face unique challenges that often leave them lost and facing insurmountable stress as they try to navigate it all on their own. These women need programs and resources catered to them. The positive impact of social networks on the empowerment and integration of newcomers in Canada is significant (and research-backed) and is especially helpful for women. 


Preventing social isolation for marginalized newcomers, including refugees, is crucial for integrating into Canadian society. As a socially-supported network, CAWA provides these culturally sensitive programs and resources to self-identifying Arab women with their unique experiences in mind.