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February  2021

Welcome to our new board of directors

The Canadian Arab Women Association (CAWA) its pleased to announce the new members of of its board of directors. The new board includes old and new members. Please welcome: Entesar Yassin, Omar Hussein, Salha Haidar, Nadia Hashem, Tova Davidson, Samim Al-Qadhi and Soha Al-Masri. Click here to read more

January 29th, 2021

We Have a New Name!

As an organization, we have expanded our reach and have impacted the lives of many Arab women in Waterloo Region, and beyond. To signify the new, exciting phase we are in right now, The Arab Women of Waterloo Region will continue as Canadian Arab Women‘s Association (CAWA). This new name communicates our commitment to inclusivity, as CAWA has truly grown to become a leading organization to support Arab women in Waterloo Region. After all, empowering all Arab women to feel confident and able to reach their full potential, is still at the core of our vision. CAWA’S mission remains the same: our mission is to provide a supportive network for Arab women by connecting them with resources, programs, community, and each other. Through our work, we strive to enable Arab women and girls to make a positive impact on their lives, the lives of their families, and their community. Watch the videos below to learn more.


Police Outreach Program Collaborates with CAWA

CAWA collaborates with Waterloo Regional Police on an Outreach program to Canadian and Kitchener Newcomers


  • Waterloo workshops that tackle tough topics for Arabic-speaking newcomers to end. Read more on CBC

  • Program between police and Arabic women builds trust. Read more on The