CAWA’s programs address overall well-being, including both physical and mental health. We aim to raise awareness regarding a woman's overall health and provide practical advice on a number of topics.

CAWA recognizes the individualized and unique experiences of different groups in our programs. We are also committed to increasing awareness about the importance of mental health as it is often stigmatized and overlooked in Arab communities.


 Many of our sessions and workshops are hosted by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals so we can ensure our programs are effective and helpful. 

We Care

Live informational sessions hosted throughout the pandemic by Waterloo dentist and expert in public health Dr. Rula Abdel Kader, covering a number of health concerns.

Together, Stronger: Supporting Arab Women through the COVID Pandemic

Intended to support Arab women during the pandemic by fostering a sense of community online. Funded by the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation: COVID-19 BIPOC Sustainability and Recovery Fund and sponsored by the Volunteer Action Centre. 

An Hour of Peace & Clarity

Sessions hosed by Safa Qoussini intended to provide a safe space for discussions regarding self-awareness, emotional awareness, and relationships with others.

Healthy Eating & Canada's Food Guide

A lecture hosted by Doctor of Philosophy & Public Health Rana Al Jaroudi regarding maintaining a healthy diet and fulfilling guidelines set by the government of Canada.