CAWA provides a selection of projects and educational sessions that equip Arab women with the needed knowledge for their own development through featuring inspirational success stories, lectures and sessions. Topics covered thus far include banking, parenting, financial literacy, job hunting and time management. In addition, CAWA provides weekly classes throughout the year, including  English conversation classes and computer classes. These have proofed to be the highlights of our programs because participants reported that they were learning in a supportive environment that is aware of their cultural barriers. 

مفاتيح النجاح
English Conversation circle

Weekly English Conversation Circle to ladies on Wednesdays, at 8:00 pm. , led by volunteer Helen Basson

Computer literacy classes

Weekly sessions on key computer skills and basic software, led by volunteer Arwa Faroun.

Coffee and a Book
Sarah Dodeen to offer a series of sessions “ Your Way to Professionalism”. We are going to host Sara